A Healthy 3 Course Dinner with Wine Pairing

This past Thursday was the sold-out inaugural food and wine pairing event in Hong Kong for Brown Rice Meets the Pearl and I am glad to say it was a success. Thanks to all who participated and had a chance to enjoy the beautiful evening wining and dining together, which was completed with a nutritional talk and some cooking demonstrations.
            It all happened earlier that day at the kitchen space my cousin, Jennifer, lent to me along with her very wonderful helpers, Anson and Ricky. There is nothing but gratitude towards these exceptional people. 

It was amazing how much a set of helping hands could provide in a time of need, especially when it comes to transportation. 
       The passed hors d’oeuvres included a selection of tomato and basil bruschetta on whole grain toast and homemade hummus on whole wheat pita chips. Once everyone arrived, I provided a short but informative nutrition explanation of the menu and how it correlates with the “My Plate” module from the healthy guidelines of the US Department of Agriculture. This new module has replaced the “Food Pyramid” that many people learned previously. 

 As a dietitian and chef, I strive to incorporate healthy guidelines and standards of “My Plate” in my menus to help others understand how easy it is to follow these habits themselves, which does not have to feel like a meal full of bland vegetables, but can also look and taste great! I achieve to serve food that is aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally tasting and also healthy at the same time. I believe that all these three things can be achieved having ingredients that are locally available. 
         The appetizer was a salad, perfect for the beginning of summer with the warm weather we are having lately. I included jade melon (chinese zucchini), dragon fruit, cherry tomatoes, apples with a lemon-herb dressing and a red beet-cherry puree. A thin piece of 24 month aged Spanish Serrano ham and a Parmesan Reggiano crisp was added for a savory and crispy finish.
 The main course was a choice between a baked salmon or chicken breast roulade with sweet potato greens over an asparagus, mushroom, brown rice risotto and white wine sauce. 
 The dishes were cooked all on site, which allowed people to experience the dishes as they were ready. 

To finish off, the dessert was a red wine poached pear with honey-greek yogurt and homemade granola. To have a theatrical component, a small vessel created from a cherry was filled with liquor and as the desserts were served in dim lighting, the liquor was lit on fire for the grand finale. 

Thank you for those of you who supported this event and me. My next event is just around the corner. It will be a cooking class with healthy summer dishes and beer pairing.  Tickets can be purchased in advance via Eventbrite by clicking here.

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