Feeding Hong Kong One Step at a Time

             As a way to spread healthy eating and cooking, we need to start young and I believe that many families in such a fast paced city do not focus enough on the importance of doing it at home.  There are more ways to contribute for a cause than just buying a ticket to an Equestrian Event at the Longines Masters Grand Slam that occurred at the Asia World Expo this past February. 
               I had the opportunity to work with Feeding Hong Kong 樂餉社,  to host a healthy cooking demo for young kids who attended the Grand Slam with their parents.  Feeding Hong Kong is the food bank in Hong Kong that redistributes surplus food to people in need. There are so many times that I have taken my food for granted and do not think twice how many people are starving in this city and in other places around the world. Working with a charity like this one, helps the first world connect with the third as they work to raise awareness about poverty and food insecurity in Hong Kong as well as promote healthy eating and nutrition education to the most vulnerable groups in the city. 
        We created vegetable summer rolls together with a asian peanut dipping sauce. 
The ingredients were colorful and easy to identify. The kids were very excited to play with their own share. 

        I always love to have each and every participant have a chance to make their own so they were encouraged to come up closer to me to have a better chance to interact with me and each other. 
        With the help of our amazing volunteers, we were able to make sure everyone had their share of creating a fun, colorful and delicious summer roll for themselves. 
     My favorite part was watching these kids eat their summer rolls. I had so much fun teaching them! I hopefully gave them motivation to initiate helping in the kitchen more often in their homes. Through this experience, we successfully provided a fun-filled nutritional education afternoon to 12 individuals of the future generation. Changes happen one step at a time!


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