Travel Post: Denmark Episode 1 – The Danishes Are Losing To The Smørrebrød!

                In Denmark the famous daytime food was in fact a perfect daytime food for everyone, even for those of you who cannot pronounce it properly. The Smørrebrød, or in English, it would be known as the Danish open-faced sandwich! 
          Café Norden  was conveniently located at the center of Copenhagen and provided such a great atmosphere for people to just stop in and order food to share. The Smørrebrød platter was a sight to see! Crispy skin on roasted pork with red sauerkraut and apples, shrimp and eggs with a creamy avocado puree and liver pate with crispy bacon bits all served over Rugbrød or Danish rye bread! The plate was so grand I really gawked at just its mere size. Quantity in this case was balanced with quality. Any I enjoyed every bite of this dish including the last chocolate truffle, which conveniently served as dessert:) 
         Another platter well worth mentioning was their Norden Tapas, which we ordered on a second visit near the end of our stay! I am still thinking about this dish long after we left! There was basically a compilation of all their menu favorites, some mixed salads, mini smørrebrøds with liver paté and smoked salmon and a nice shot of medium bodied Danish beer. The best thing was the Danish medium bodied blue cheese smothered with honey, walnuts and blueberries. The strawberry dessert didn’t quite need to be there as everything else was sufficient, but it was the finale, that we needed, to give us a red light to stop us from eating so much! 
           It was amazing how we managed to stand up after such a meal, but it was onward with our sightseeing adventures we went until we saw the next yummy thing worthy of stopping. That moment came when the journey brought us to these sausage street carts all over the city. I just had to get a Danish hot dog and in this case was a Pølse served with ketchup and mustard. This was the ultimate sausage, the casing snapped perfectly and the meat was juicy and flavourful. I couldn’t have asked for a better snack than this! 
          There are just so many goodeats and good findings when you walk around a city on foot. It was out of luck when we stumbled into a cute neighborhood after visiting the Design Museum of Denmark, to walk into Café Toldboden for lunch.
            It was no doubt that everyone was crazy about the open-faced sandwiches, but just when we arrived in town, the Lumpfish Roe just happened to be in prime season. April is a time for Lumpfish to lay their eggs in Denmark and the restaurants would be the best place to sample it on, none other than, a Danish Smørrebrød! 
           I really enjoyed the decor and nautical atmosphere of Café Toldboden and it was run by a lady with her parents cooking in the kitchen. There, you can really experience true Danish hospitality with the whole family working to run a beautiful restaurant together! There was no better way to take it all in than to wash it down with a pint of local Carlsberg beer! We even visited the Carlsberg Museum where they showcased their proud national beverage! 
         There’s just so much to cover about Denmark, our next episode will be about their fine dining scene, cause I just needed to give you another reason to visit the Danes with their innovative Scandinavian cuisine!!! 

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