Travel Post: Holland Was at Its Windiest, But My Appetite Was at Its Fullest!

       There’s more to Holland that just windmills, cheese and wooden clogs. When you think of Dutch food, you don’t quite think of Rotterdam, but since Markthal opened its doors, it brought the crowds in from all over the world to see this wonderful piece of twinkie-like architecture, uniquely a market and also a residence. 
          People flock here for its delectable display of food items ranging from seafood, dried fruits, nuts, freshly baked breads to chocolate and waffles. I can’t really tell you how many things I’ve eaten from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. You are constantly bombarded with the international food items present amongst a smorgasbord of booths. 

      Rotterdam is only about an hour an a half away from Central Amsterdam and it’s a major city in The Netherlands with a beautiful waterfront and many interesting museums and artwork all over. The main attraction for us foodies though is undoubtedly Markthal. I could spend hours in here wandering the stalls and viewing the beautiful mosaic-like decor that covers the entire inner dome-like wall. These designs comprised of colorful floral and edible designs that make your mouth water every time you look up. 

        The hustling and bustling chefs, cooks and servers of Markthal invigorates all your senses and just makes you want to eat all day long! After a turn around the food hall, we decided on eating at the FFF, short for Fish Food Friends! I loved the look and smell of things there and ordered a bunch of shared items from the menu! There was the meat plate and the fish plate — these were essentially a tasting of their charcuterie and cured seafood. As you can see it was a pleasure to the eye as well as to the palate. Up next, we shared a serving of their national delicacy, herring with sweet onions! To our surprise, this was the tastiest dish we had so far because it was so simple and fresh. There’s just nothing like it!
 For the main dish we share a beautiful halibut with tarragon hollandaise, recommended by the chef with some squid and asparagus as compliments. This was completed with a glass of house Sauvignon Blanc that paired perfectly with the fish. I’d have to say that my afternoon was set after his meal and I didn’t need anything else that day to make me happier than I was 🙂
       I mean on the way out, we passed by the most adorable Dutch chocolatier with the cutest blue and white chocolates. They told us the blue was from the blueberries. It was the perfect souvenir for friends and family back home other than the beautiful cheeses that were all over the marketplace.

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