Travel Post: Maine,”Vacationland” Indeed!

Wmaine2hen you have been friends with someone since you were both 4, there is a very fine line that separates where the friendship ends and when the sisterhood begins! In this case, I’m not sure which is which anymore and it doesn’t really matter because she is now a “sistiend” (friendster is taken already)! Then, you put these 2 nut cases together and decide to go on a road trip where essentially something good mumaine15st come out of it…and it did! — someone got married and we ate all the food! It was her boyfriend’s idea that we don’t wait for the lobster rolls and the scallops to come to us! I agreed, and therefore, I approved of this guy who may one day be worthy for my “sistiend’s” hand. — It certainly was a plus that his maine10manliness drove most of the way so we could take in the beautiful surroundings of the New England paradise.

Despite having a huge platter of local BBQ meats and sides for lunch, we arrived at our first stop, Kennebunkport (apparently where US prunnamedesidents vacation) at just the right hour to catch a glimpse of Shakepeare’s “Twelfth Night”, which was ready to open and the free venue beckoned us into its first act!  I would have loved to see how Mainstage Shakespeare portrayed the happy endingunnamed, but we were too hungry for lobster when the first act ended and we just had to continue our gastronomic journey without the finale.

In town we abruptly found parking and queued for The Clam Shack, who claimed to be the Champs of the Lobster Rumble! Nonetheless, 3 of us shared 2 lobster rolls where each roll was filled with an entire 1 pound lobster, right out of its shell! Amazing! Believe it or not, this was only our appetizer!

We then drove into Portland, Maine in search for more local seafood and stumbled into Miyake. Supposedly the best Japanese food in the vicinity. Some dishes to note are the torched Uni (sea urchin), lobster sushi rolls and their duck breast. m4m3

maine7 - Copy

I was then curious to check out an old Methodist church, now called Grace, a restaurant with the bar built smacked center of the ex-maine8 - Copynave. How much cam2n you defile a church than to put an awesome bar in the middle of it? Well, that’s not up to me to answer…but I was pleased to see they kept the original stained glass windows and beautiful Gothic paneling.

The following day began with a pretty awesome fruity cup of fresh pour over coffee at Bard Coffee. I wasn’t drawn to anything else inside more than their creative use of a teapot for their plants, which I had to document. I mean just look at it, way too cute! I love cafes so much. maine3

A little ways down the block was this little gem of a seafood restaurant, Eventide Oyster Co.  Not only does tmaine1 - Copyhis place have a whole list of East Coast Oysters, but the West Coast ones are just as vast. Well, willing to only settle for the freshest and most local ones, we allowed our waitress to choose for us plus a few specialty rolls, — the crab, the lobster and the chicken. We scarfed down everything without doubt and were pretty satisfied with what we got. I did wish the bread though, could have been toasted. I am a sucker for toasted buttered bread. If only everyday was an oyster kind of day!

There is always time for something sweet and I found just the right thing to satisfy that part of our stomachs at The Holy Donut! They specialize in donuts made from pm1otatoes and I could not resist one made from sweet potatoes. This donut was so big, we shared 1 amongst the 3 of us. I got the ginger glazed one, but there are a lot more choices where that came from! The line was worth it as long as it’s not too long that could potentially get you a parking ticket.

Eventually our obligations of being on time for a special wedding arose and while themaine14re, we also didn’t lose our concentration on getting as many lobster rolls as possible! Oh, and we didn’t disappoint! Check out the beautiful flower arrangement! Gorgeous! Thanks for having such an amazing wedding fmaine5or us to visit such a beautiful place! I only added the bubbles to deflect our seafood breath and the breathtaking bride! Alwaymaine4s keep your eye on the food!

Thank you MAINE, until next time! maine6

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