Home is Where The Heart Is…A Reflection on Rediscovering Both!

PC333-Urban-Docks-Blue-False-Creek-Science-World-Vancouver-BC-Canada-Chris-Collacott-avision.caThere comes a time when you realize that you cannot take advantage of your family more than you already have. That time came for me and I dropped everything to return to a reality that was always waiting for me. Not that the realm I was in, ever fake, but it essentially revolved around a central figure of me, myself and I. I am grateful to have stretched the limbs of my friendships to surround the globe and I am blessed to have them embrace me if I were to visit! Still, I chose to come home, — for my family.

I somehow always knew I’d return to Vancouver British Columbia, the jewel of the Pacific North West, and it happened 16 years later. If I stayed where I was or continued to live in different places looking for myself, I probably wouldn’t “find myself” ever, but I was hiding from what I was destined to be…Something great I hope, but that is subjective. I wasn’t raised to hide and I figured that out quite early in my life. I knew the colour of my skin or my body weight would not unnamed (13)determine how other see me. In a multicultural city like Vancouver, the discriminatory factors are vast but quite demure compared to other places in the world. I’m so grateful that people here are more fixated on other things rather than that, unnamed (12)but the new recent immigrants of my kind are not helping with my situation at all. I guess happiness is a journey and I can’t always have what I want without putting in the work! If you are ever down, I suggest visiting a local farmer’s market, seeing all the fresh produce is a warming sight!

It doesn’t seem so now but in fact, the Chinese were a minority in Vancouver, nonetheless a minority that was on the rise of gaining more respect in a Western society with a railway system par-built by my predecessors. My mom used to tell me this joke, told to her by earlier immigrants in the 70’s, can I share it with you?

…The early Chinese settler’s dialect was mostly “Tuoi Shan” and the word for bones “骨”sounded like the English word “good”. At meals, the Chinese were given a lot of bones with no subunnamed (3)stantial meat to eat and we would say that it was all, “舊舊骨”, which sounded like “go go good” and the employer’s were quite entertained on how much we just loved our bones
because it was all “GOOD”!  (:0!!!, get it?!). My mother would laugh then I’d follow 🙂 Unforgettable incidences like these add to the many reasons as to why I am home, I don’t want to miss out on anymore!

Vancouver provided me with wonderful food memories of really good food! Tunnamed (5)hank God that it is still full of it and will continue to be! I can’t tell you how happy I was after my first meal back at Fable, then at Grub on Main and all the way to my last meal at Oakwood Bistro unnamed (4), which ended with Taco Tuesdays at unnamed (8)Rain or Shine Ice Cream.  I don’t usually group my reviews together, but they were all very much a consistent thumbs up, I don’t want you to miss out!
Thanks to a good friend, Iunnamed (7) was floored to be on the side of the Sea Wall that I never knew existed until last month! I was spending way to much time globe trotting that I’ve forgotten how fun my bike was. I love how my city continues to surprise me. I really wish summer would stick around forever because as the days get shorter, we all know that rain city never fails to rain!

When I walked into Timbertrain Coffee Runnamed (1)oasters I knew I was going to be OK though!  I guess I was afraid that I was too jaded to ever come back at one point, but I have been proven wrong over and over again. The experience I had at Bard on the Beach lasunnamed (16)t week with the most wonderful rendition of The Comedy of Errors, steam punk version, nearly blew the top of my head off after my mind was blown into pieces inside! Go see it!
I’d have to say, I’m embracing Vancouver with full force! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was at Suika last weekend,unnamed (6) which started with awesome drinks at The Union and howunnamed (10) much fun I had dancing the night away at Venue on a particular Friday night! The “No Fun” label should really be tossed out!

Living away from my family since I was 15 allowed me to learn independence and gratitude. With that knowledge I had no fear of living all over the world. Every place had their own foods to try, recipes to learn, and colloquialism and it was all a challenge for me. It was amazing, I loved it, I was free and nothing could replace these experiences I have!

Even born and raised Canadian, I knew I still had hurdles to overcome, especially when I resigned from being a clinical dietiunnamed (14)tian to a cook in a restaurant in New York City. The world is now a very different one than what our parents have known. I was afraid to show my kitchen “battle wounds” and would only wear long sleeves whenever I visited home, but now it’s my pride. In many ways, technology has changed the way we live, eat and think and forced the older generation to use smartphones and to embrace the fact that anyone can be a leader with or without a degree, man or woman, white or black or yellow like me. My mom can now tell me, via google, that there is a new night market at the Shipyard over by Lonsdale Quay , and so we went!

I just came back from Meat & Bread and there are just no words to describe the awesomeness ofunnamed (9) that place! OMG!

…..Stay tuned people! I am back to share, back to care and back to conquer! Please follow me and see what will happen next…..

Just look at that sunset from Kitsilano Beach!  unnamed (15)

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