I’m Incorporated! Check out The True Nosh Company Ltd.

It’s been months since I posted a blog, it’s been weeks since I rested, it’s been hours since I got my last inspiration and I am hoping to keep pushing until True Nosh gets its stance in the world! I have started my own company and it may be one of the best decisions I’ve made so far! I vowed to never work for anyone else but myself again after leaving the shores of Hong Kong last year. I am now slaving away trying to make the brand I’ve created a success. 11077853_906584886072355_1928981437348503142_nIt’s worth it though.

The True Nosh Company was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Why True Nosh? Well…I needed the name to be as Canadian as the maple leaf while pointing you in a direction of food. So, I went straight to our national anthem: “….. true north strong and free…” and it rang a bell! Nosh! It basically meancanada-flags food and the name has a direction! —where a compass points True North, but your hunger can point True Nosh! Great, Eureka!

Not only do I want my food and beverage brand to be truly Canadian, I want everything about it to be processed sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and preservative-free while being organic and sustainable. That seems like a lot of boundaries I’ve set up for myself, and yes it’s true, but I need to service the diabetes community along with those who are conscious of eating healthy for their wellness.

Why the diabetes community? Well, I am doing it for my dad, he was a diabetic and always felt guilty of eating anything sweet. I lost him to diabetes, but I believe no daughter should be left walking down the aisle on their wedding day without their dad. As a dietitian, I have the duty to educate people about the effects of diabetes and how it can be prevented and controlled.

HotDatesinBasket.jpg                           Along with the food line, I’ve set up office for dietary counseling as well as small cooking classes every week! I’d like to reach as many people as possible including dietitians. I am sharing my office and teaching kitchen so that dietitians can set up a community together to help people who need nutrition advice, be stronger and better in our world of plenty. Compotes&Butters6oz.jpg

kids-cooking-class   I understand this is just a beginning and I have so much more to accomplish and attain. I am not afraid of future challenges, but I am afraid that there may not be answers to what I am seeking. In a way, happiness is journey and True Nosh will eventually get there, but I need all the luck there is!

Please check out www.truenosh.com and follow my instagram (@truenosh), twitter (@truenosh) and Facebook (@thetruenoshco) pages!fblike-true-nosh


  1. Hi Renée. This is Robert Loh. I sat next to you last night and was so impressed by this young powerhouse lady that I had to check your company out. You seem to have found your passion and calling. Your mother (as well as your father in Heaven) must be very proud of you. I know Grace certainly is. I do hope our paths cross again in the near future. In the meantime, I wish you every success and happiness.


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