Renée By The C.

R_023Renée Chan, a Culinary Dietitian, grew up by the “C” — She is CRAZY about cooking, cuisine, and the culinary arts! The charisma, care and cravings she has for the edible delights really catalyzes the catabolic explosions of her creative ability to cook you a meal from scratch at any time of day. Together with  revolutionary cooking methods, she hopes to stir up a difference in the world of food and nutrition.

Recently relocated back to Vancouver, BC, Canada, after 3 years in Hong Kong where she was searching for her roots. Renée Chan, MS, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist registered both in the United States and in Canada. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology (生物學,學士學位)  and a minor in visual arts from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) she pursued a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition at New York University (NYU). Renée completed her clinical residency at The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and is currently an M.B.A. candidate at Camden University for the class of 2016. 

Chef Daniel Boulud at the Wine and Food Festival NYC

Renée was active in the restaurant industry in New York City and Hong Kong working with unassailable enthusiasm and eagerness to absorb the cooking skills from many professional chefs in kitchens of different calibers around the world.

Chef Humberto Guallpa

In New York her culinary experience includes the Michelin starred Ai Fiori with the world renowned Chef Michael White. Other ventures include The Sugar Flower Cake ShopVandaag Bier Restaurant and BakeryWoodlandPage at 63 Main and recently at the Restaurant and Lounge, Play and the Chinese-Cuban inspired restaurant, Calle Dao.  In Hong Kong, Renée has experienced the kitchens of the award winning pastry chef, Thomas Trillion as well as the Michelin starred restaurant Tate Dining Room.

Fontbonne, Ardeche, France

Renée spent 2 months in the south of France WWOOFing with the World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers. She spent time at 2 farms and participated in making cheese, bottling wine, tending crops and helping farmers sell their products at local farmer’s markets. She is very interested in learning more about organic agriculture and also likes to explore self-sustainable operations while achieving a more eco-friendly way of living.

Périgord, France

She knows that the abundance of opportunities and privileges she has had is a blessing and she will always cherish and embrace it. She wants to give back to the community around her through cooking for people. Renée knew from the start of her academic career that food is and always will be her passion.

Throughout her studies, Renée embarked on programs abroad in New Zealand as an undergraduate to learn about agricultural practices with the flora and fauna of Motuihe Island, then to68d4e-reneepasta Italy as a graduate student to study the Mediterranean Diet and Italian cuisine.

Feeding Hong Kong

Renée is always learning and while in Hong Kong, she attended the Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE), to pursue the beginner’s course in Chinese Medicine. One day, she hopes to combine Asian and Western nutritional teachings for a more well rounded point of view.

nutritiontalkWith the ability to speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English, Renée was a trilingual guest lecturer at City Farm (都市農莊) as well as for Feeding Hong Kong (樂餉社). Renée is ultimately a foodie at heart and loves to experience new restaurants around town. Currently she is in search of recipes and menus that will satisfy her knowledge-hungry nature. Renée has written articles for on food and nutrition (refer to her articles via links) and has extensive clinical experience in hospitals and healthcare centers. She has worked with people who have diabetes, thyroid diseases, weight loss, cancer and has an interest in Alzheimer’s and degenerative diseases.

NY Cares
Maestro Tiziano Spoltore

The goal of this blog is to share her love of food and to explore nutritional information currently in the news and scientific research. Her family history of disease (diabetes -father and heart disease -mother) is what really drove Renée to study nutrition along with being lactose intolerant, sharing the same fate as 2/3 of the world’s population. Feel free to give her feedback and recipe suggestions to make this blog a shared fruitful place.
                   Renée’s recent endeavers include a position as a teacher’s assistant for Rachel’s Kitchen in Hong Kong, hosting private dinners, catering, and she has been teaching nutrition and healthy cooking whenever possible. She took on the role of a Business Development Manager for Bite Limited in Hong Kong who manages Triple O’s HKYo Mama Frozen Yogurts, and Panino Giusto HK. She is also a F&B consultant for Café Sausalito. In her busy life, she always makes time for yoga, cooking, and loves hanging out at cafés! She enjoys traveling and is constantly seeking for adventures.

Renée Chan (陳恩立)
MS, RDN, CDN 是一位熱愛烹飪的註冊營養師,剛剛重香港回到加拿大。她出生在温哥華,考獲紐約大學營養碩士學位,並且在加州聖地牙哥大學獲得生物學士學位。她更在紐約市Memorial Sloan Kettering 癌症醫院中心完成其實習課程。
Renée 最近曾於 公佈關於食品和營養相關的文章。 她對於手術後的康復者以及老年人囗有廣泛的理解, 她更對於糖尿病、心臟疾病、減肥、某些癌症和阿爾茨海默氏症以及其他退化性疾病有充份的認知

Island East Farmer’s Market with Feeding Hong Kong

Renée 住在紐約時在當地的餐飲業十分活躍, 她也曾於法國和意大利各居住了兩個月,她曾經和不同形式的專業廚師共事從而领悟出其獨特的烹飪技巧。
Renée 非常熱愛瑜伽,她曾經開設講座和支援一些減肥團體的工作。 於留港期間也舉辦了一些私人晚宴和烹飪班,分享其健康的煮食文化。

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